Horatio Williams


Achieving through obstacles that is Horatio Williams. Nearly losing his life in college after being hit by a drunk driver Horatio Williams battled back from a coma and broken bones with the same tenacity that was instilled in him as a youth on the playing fields of the east side of Detroit.

As a youth Horatio played basketball & football with the Eastside Center and Butzel Middle School, his basketball prowess led him to a college scholarship at Tuskegee University.

Horatio Williams credits Mr. Foster, his Eastside Colts coach as his inspirational role model. Mr. Foster taught Williams a philosophy to live by with hard work you can achieve anything but you have to believe in your greatness.

After his long recovery Williams went to work for a non-emergency transportation firm in Michigan owned by his mentor, when the business was closing his mentor encouraged him to start his own medical transportation firm. He lent Williams the startup capital, 3 vehicles and referred a few clients.

In 1992, Horatio Williams formed On Time Transportation Inc., a non-emergency medical transportation firm that provides 24/7 service for clients suffering various injuries. Horatio notes, the obstacles of my accident led me to this business and it’s been a blessing.

With 17 vehicles, he has serviced over 3000 clients and employed 32 people. He went from signing autographs as a college basketball star to signing checks helping people provide for their families. While I still miss playing basketball, says Horatio. Working with my clients and providing jobs has been an honor and I thank God for the opportunity.

He established the Horatio Williams Foundation which has provided additional charitable contributions to the community. In April he sponsors the Second Chance Basketball Game so that high school seniors who did not receive college scholarships have an opportunity to play in front of scouts & coaches from across the country.

In June, he sponsors a free 2 week basketball camp for over 100 youth. In August, he sponsors a free trip to Cedar Point Trip for over 400 youth. In September, he sponsors a back to school uniform clothing drive to provide school clothing for underprivileged youth.

Who Are We

The Horatio Williams Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by passionate and great leader who always wanted to find a way to give A “SECOND CHANCE”. Our goal is to be lifelong vehicles to helping children become leaders. Our teamwork approach requires every participant to develop trust, build integrity, and give as a servant to our community, while participating in our events and programs.

Through this end we set goals that are attainable both individually and with teammates. It is clear to us at HWF that changing the lives of our children can change the world. Leadership development can build children of high character, who lead, preserve, overcome adversity and function as productive/effective members of our society. We are helping change the world; one child at a time and we accept the challenge.

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